Dutch song, lyrics by Ryan Maurice Roemer.

This is my personal take on white doves as symbols of peace.
I think there should be peace doves in many different colors.
They should represent all colors of the rainbow.
All colors are pure, good and beautiful.

When I was a little child back in the 1980s I often walked to a little island in my neigbourhood where I gave pieces of bread to birds. Somehow I stopped feeding birds when I got older. I don’t know why. Last Sunday on 7 June 2015 I decided to feed pigeons again. It was so nice to reconnect with these lovely animals. I’ve always loved pigeons. Back in 1986 when I was 7 or 8 years old I wrote my very first story about pigeons.

By the way, I gave pieces of bread to pigeons in Gouda last Sunday, but now I’ve read on the internet that bread is really bad for birds. I didn’t know! But I should have known, because I know that gluten is bad. I hope these sweet hungry pigeons won’t get sick. I should have bought some seeds and nuts instead. Anyhow these pigeons still seemed very happy…

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