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Pussy Leroy (lyrics)

Pussy Leroy, where are you?
I need you now.
Pussy Leroy, let’s have some joy.

Song written by Ryan Maurice Roemer in April 2020.
Who likes pussycats? Well, I do! Let’s give some love to these beautiful animals.
Treat animals with love and respect.
‘Poesje Mauw’, a Dutch traditional folk song, was my inspiration for this song.

You can listen to the song if you click on the video.
The song starts at 07:30.

You can also listen to other songs in this video.
13 original a cappella songs that I wrote.
With this collection of songs I celebrate loving outcasts / scapegoats, loving yourself, LGBT love and love for animals. We all want to be loved.
Filmed between the 6th and 14th of December 2020.
Audio quality is not the best, so you’ll hear some distortion.
I used a cheap camcorder for the recordings, because I was only practicing songs.
I hope you’ll still enjoy it….

Full track listing in video:

01. Not your kind / Wicked beast (medley)             00:10
02. The first love                                                          02:43
03. Such a flaming queen                                          03:50
04. Pussy Leroy                                                            07:30
05. Show love today                                                    08:45
06. Kiss of life                                                               10:01
07. Divine stallion (part 1)                                          13:56
08. Divine stallion (part 2)                                          17:17
09. Love gave the Earth horses                                 19:02
10. Mother goose                                                        24:56
11. Poor bird                                                                27:34
12. Animals will survive mankind                             30:09
13. The end is near                                                     32:36