I can feel what you’re thinking.
You don’t have to say anything.
You think I’m just a dumb animal.
Deprived of my right to be a free animal.
How I’ve prayed for a miracle.
Take a good look at me before you leave.
I’m the artwork that you refused to see.
Imprisoned in a circus, imprisoned in a zoo where you look at me,
but you’ve never wanted to know me.

You don’t see me the way Faya Lobi sees me.
You don’t love me the way Faya Lobi loves me.
You don’t carry me the way Faya Lobi carries me…..
….. to see the light.

I’ve always had to live with the scars you gave me.
But someday I’ll be beautiful and free.
I know Faya Lobi is kind,
because I know I will survive mankind.
We will overcome the humankind.
And I will still be singing my song.

Lyrics written by Ryan Maurice Roemer on 2 August 2015.

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