Medley: Set me free / Keep singing (lyrics)

Release me now.
Take me to the clouds above.
Release me now.
Take me to the clouds above.
Release me now.
Release me now.
Set me free.

I faced your physical abuse, emotional abuse and spiritual abuse.
I faced your prosecutions, trials and injustice.
Now it’s time for me to go home.
It’s time to make some music.

Keep singing…
and the clouds in the sky dance along with you.
Keep singing…
and the stars in the sky dance along with you.

Song written by Ryan Maurice Roemer.
I sang some of these lyrics in spiritual dreams a few years ago.
When I woke up, I wrote the words (that I could remember) on a piece of paper.
Except the final part ‘Keep singing’: this was written around 1995. I was 16 or 17.

You can listen to the song if you click on the video.
The medley starts at 02:39.

You can also listen to other songs in this video.
17 original a cappella songs that I wrote.
Filmed between the 1st and 14th of December 2020.
Audio quality is not the best, so you’ll hear some distortion.
I used a cheap camcorder for the recordings, because I was only practicing songs.
I hope you’ll still enjoy it….

Full track listing in video:

01. Special encounter                                          00:14
02. Set me free / Keep singing (medley)           02:39
03. Don’t forget to look at the stars                  04:54
04. I’m gonna leave here                                     08:30
05. Dancing trees                                                  11:57
06. Embracing my loneliness                              14:47
07. I am loved                                                        18:00
08. Only clouds of love (part 1)                           22:16
09. Only clouds of love (part 2)                           24:33
10. Only clouds of love (part 3)                           27:47
11. This is a new pace                                           30:25
12. Unidentified and flying                                   34:15
13. This is the place where we meet                   36:43
14. You always seem so close                              39:32
15. Every day a new year starts                           41:49
16. Every day a new year starts (reprise)           44:18
17. Only clouds of love (reprise)                          45:49

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