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Set me free (lyrics)

Release me now.

Take me to the clouds above.

Release me now.

Take me to the clouds above.

Release me now.

Release me now.

Set me free.

Written by Ryan Maurice Roemer on 10 July 2014.

All rights reserved.

Click on the video to listen to the song.

Filmed on 15 December 2020.

The song is based on a beautiful dream I got on 10 July 2014.

The Devil in Dreams (video reading about interpretation of a bad dream that I got in 1996)

A story I would like to share.
I’ve met the devil in dreams since my childhood.

I was 17 years old when I got this dream in
January 1996. An otherworldly man was
flying in the sky, while he carried me.
I was sitting on his lap during our flight.
It seemed like he was seated on an invisible
flying chair, while he was flying from the
cold snow mountains all the way to the hot
desert where the ABN AMRO Bank was
located in a completely unknown land
surrounded by huge mountains. There was
a big ufo station located right next to the
bank. The station was on the left side of the
main entrance of the ABN AMRO Bank.
That’s how I learned that this otherworldly
man might be the chief of all air and space
traffic. I remember that the flying machines
had various shapes and one flying machine
looked square like a cube and it was made
of transparent materials, so I could see the
pilot inside the machine. The otherworldly
man and I landed right in front of the main
entrance of the bank. I jumped off his lap.
He smiled at me and was so handsome.
Then we entered the ABN AMRO Bank.
So we walked inside and then another
handsome man (an employee) sitting
behind the reception desk welcomed us.
I stood right in front of the reception desk
and the otherworldly man stood right next
to me. I had to deliver a small piece of paper
with my name written on it. I guess that
piece of paper was a symbol of my contract.
I put the piece of paper in a basket standing
on top of the desk. In the basket there were
hundreds of pieces of paper. Each piece of
paper revealed the name of another person.
I guess I was just another number at this
bank. Then we left the building again and
that’s all I remember. I guess I woke up
after this.

Was this just a dream? I don’t think so.
After receiving this dream in 1996 I kept
wondering for many years who this
flying handsome charming man was. In the
dream I knew exactly who he was, but as
soon as I woke up I forgot. So that’s why
I kept wondering about his identity. Is this
man a good spirit or a bad spirit? Is he an
angel or a devil? Maybe both? In my heart
I knew who that flying man was, but I was
still in denial. I was a very lonely gay
teenager, so of course I got a crush on him
and I started romanticizing him in my mind.
It took me a long time to be honest with
myself and confess his true evil identity.
Obviously, the truth is that a demon
disguised as a handsome man tried to
tempt me in dreams and manipulate me
into signing some kind of contract.
When I was 17 years old, I did not know that
the devil would try to trick me in this way.
I guess I was stupid. But how do I get out of
this evil contract? I was not fully conscious
when this contract was made, so I guess that
means this contract is not valid. In my heart
this contract has never existed. Nobody
owns me. My soul belongs to me.

In the video you can read some other dreams I’ve had about the devil.
Get informed and take care of your soul!